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My name is Sabrina Evans and I’m a Graphic Designer and Branding & Visibility Coach. I help Creative Entrepreneurs build profitable business through luxury visual storytelling and strategies...


Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur and making a difference doing what you love is just tearing you apart. However, you’re overwhelmed and scared to step out of your comfort zone and I get that as I too have been there.


The thought of starting your own biz seems too daunting to you, so you continue to pass up on the opportunity.


You may have tried to use the knowledge from self-help books, listened to numerous motivational speakers and podcasts or even worked so hard to model other successful entrepreneurs in the hopes that your biz will take off. It doesn’t have to be like this. We’re in it together. And, I am here to help.

It was around the time April 26, 2017, that I got terminated from my 9-5 and had no alternative route to make an additional income until I got back on my feet. I would send out a bunch of resumes and none returned any calls so I decided to erase all fears step out of my comfort zone and build the life that I deserved and would love. It was through this I started my Graphic Design and Branding Agency Creative Ink Studio and later on The Brand that Fits Movement where I support Entrepreneurs by facilitating them to uncover their creative process, overcome mindset blocks, and design their business strategy so they can build a business and lifestyle that reflects who they really are.

Hey lovebugs,

Why do my clients love working with me?

I’ve been the industry for over 3 years, I am a College student and spent most if not all my time in different roles performing, teaching, coaching, designing and branding as well as becoming a learning junkie for the cause. I am extremely passionate about what I do, I work hard and I believe that everyone has the equal opportunity to build their dreams.

I knew that with my experience of building a solid and sustainable business of my own, I could help Entrepreneurs like you move past the fear of being overwhelmed and the knowledge gaps of starting a biz.

As a coach and mentor, I am passionate about helping you:

  • Develop a strategy to build your business with confidence and ease

  • Manage your life and be productive during the process

  • Design your biz around your lifestyle

  • Start your successful + sustainable business on a solid foundation


Erase all fear and start building your dreams!

When you work with me, you’re sure to get a cheerleader and accountability buddy in one.

I strongly believe in the work that I do and the powerful changes my clients experience. You’ll get excited and inspired to go for your dreams as well as identifying what gets in the way. I’ll listen to you, cheer you on and hold you accountable for birthing your biz + lifestyle you’ve envisioned.

I’ll hold your hand because I’m aware of how scary the process can be with stepping into something new.

I will create and hold the space for you to be yourself as we explore your life. I’ll be there through the process without judgment or pity because I have a strong conviction that my clients can and will realize their highest potential.

Are you ready to have a biz that pays the bills and supports the lifestyle you desire and deserve?